Babyzen Yoyo An Honest Review

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When my first baby was born, I didn't realise how important it was to choose the right buggy. I ended up having seven great prams, but it was difficult to find one which ticked most of the boxes.

I'm totally in love with my latest purchase, Babyzen Yoyo. There are plenty of videos and posts about features of this buggy, but I wanted to give you an honest and practical review of how Babyzen is doing in real life.

It made my life so much easier on many occasions.
The fantastic folding system gives more opportunities to explore with kids than other strollers. I don't have to stress about a full bus, escalator or stairs anymore. It's a dream buggy to travel with as they let you take it on a plane!
Check our travel video here.

Babyzen is incredibly light!
Being one of those mums that suffer because of back pain I couldn't be more thankful for the weight of this buggy. It's a perfect choice for anyone living in a building without lift or who needs to put the stroller in and out of car boot few times a day.
I know there are plenty light buggies on the market, but they don't offer such an excellent quality of the ride.
Most of them become very difficult to push with baby and shopping inside.

I love how easy you can remove the whole fabric and wash it in a washing machine. 

Overall the buggy is very comfortable.
It doesn't recline flat, but it's enough for baby to sleep comfortably. The hood appears to be relatively small but offers enough protection for baby. A decent size basket for such a little stroller is also impressive!

Babyzen is not the cheapest buggy, but it's worth it!

If you have any questions, leave a comment below:)

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  • Layla on

    How much ?

  • BabyzenUK on

    Thank you for the lovely review, Urszula! We love the video

  • Momosiki on

    It’s £336 on Amazon the cheapest.

  • Karolina on

    How much :) I cant find price

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