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Emel Red Boots

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Emel boots are handmade in Poland.

 The fleece lining will keep little feet snug. They are super light and comfortable so your child can run for hours. And the great news is they are water resistant thanks to high quality nubuck.

Our favourite winter boots in gorgeous red colour!



Step 1: Draw a straight line down the length of a piece of paper.
Step 2: Place the paper on a hard flat surface alongside a wall. Have the child place their heel against the wall with their longest toe and heel centred on the line. Mark the paper on the line at the tip of longest toe.
Step 3: Measure both feet as they may vary in size.
Step 4: Measure the distance between the end of the paper and the toe mark in centimetres. Add no less than 0.6 cm and no more than 1.2 cm to your result to make allowance for foot growth. Next, use our sizing guide below to find your child's shoe size. 

Tips for measuring:
• Measure feet at the end of the day when your child’s feet are at their largest.
• Measure in the socks they will wear with their new shoes if appropriate
• Measure both feet and fit shoes to the larger foot
• It is best to measure your child’s foot while they are standing upright
• Children’s feet grow at a fast rate and shoe size should be re-evaluated at least every 2-3 months

Emel sizing guide 

eu25= 8.5uk

eu26= 9uk


eu28= 10.5uk

eu29= 11uk

eu30= 11.5uk

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